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SDUW Delegation Visits Universities in the Republic of Korea
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From December 16th to 20th, a delegation led by Mr. Han Jianxin, Executive Vice President of Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW), visited Keimyung University (KMU), Cheongju University (CJU), Sangmyung University (SMU) and the Korean Teachers’ Credit Union. Relevant staff from College of Continuing Education, School of Art and International Office accompanied Mr. Han on his visit.
On December 16th, the delegation visited KMU and was warmly welcome by Mr. Synn Ilhi, President of KMU. The two parties reviewed the partnership between SDUW and KMU which has witnessed a series of substantial achievements since 2005. In particular, more than 100 SDUW students have furthered their studies at KMU during the last four years. During the stay, the two parties also conducted an in-depth discussion with regard to students and faculty exchange, joint scientific research, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention.
On December 17th, the delegation visited CJU and met with Mr. Kim Youn-bae, Chairman& CEO of CJU, Mr. Kim Young-jae, Vice President for International Affairs of CJU, and Mr. Ho-Pyo Park, Vice President for Student Affairs of CJU. Mr. Kim Youn-bae reviewed the cooperation between the two universities and pointed out that Shandong University (SDU) is the first international partner university of CJU. He said that Prof. Pan Chengdong, former President of SDU, once visited CJU in 1989 and signed a cooperation agreement between SDU and CJU in May 1991; CJU and SDUW established partnership in 2004 and have conducted substantial cooperation in the fields of “2+2” double-degree program, staff exchange and foundation courses program in recent years. In addition, the two parties discussed details concerning faculty exchange and signed an agreement on foundation courses program.
On December 18th, the delegation was warmly welcomed by Mr. Baek Ehung-Gi, President of SMU, and Mr. Woo Jea-woan, Vice President for Student Affairs. During the stay, the two parties had a detailed discussion regarding faculty and students exchange, joint art performance and foundation courses program, and then signed an exchange agreement for students majoring in Arts. According to the agreement, from March 2020, the number of exchange students will increase to 15 per year. The delegation also met with SDUW alumni and faculty studying at SMU.
On December 19th, the delegation visited the Korean Teachers’ Credit Union and met with Mr. Cha Sung Soo,Chairman & CEO of the Union. Mr. Han introduced the development history as well as international cooperation and education of SDU, giving a detailed introduction of recent exchange between SDUW and universities in the ROK in particular. The Korean Teachers’ Credit Union, a national corporate group composed of over 800,000 teachers, is responsible for the cultivation and training of all teachers in ROK. During the meeting, the two parties discussed issues about Union members participating in training programs in Weihai.

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