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UTAS Delegation visits SDUW
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On October 30th, a delegation led by Prof. Rufus Black, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tasmania (UTAS), and Prof. Rob Wilson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global) of UTAS, visited Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW). Prof. Liu Jianya, Vice President of Shandong University (SDU) and President of SDUW, met with the guests. Relevant staff from the International Office and School of Oceanography attended the meeting.
During the meeting, Prof. Liu extended a warm welcome to the delegation and reviewed the partnership between SDUW and UTAS. He said that UTAS has long enjoyed prestige worldwide with leading disciplines, and expressed his wish that the two universities could conduct an in-depth cooperation on the basis of existing partnership in marine science study. By carrying out faculty exchange and communication, joint bachelor-master-doctor education programs and interdisciplinary research collaboration, he believed that the two universities could further promote the discipline construction and scientific cooperation in such subjects as mathematical science, physics, bioscience and data science.
Prof. Black said that UTAS is focusing on the international research projects including the exploitation of marine resources and the sustainable development of marine system; efforts have also been made on international cooperation in areas of oceanographic engineering studies. He pointed out that UTAS has been attaching great importance to the cooperation with SDUW, and faculties as well as students from SDUW are welcomed to visit UTAS and join in its international projects, by which a comprehensive cooperation would gradually be achieved.
In addition, the two parties reached a cooperation intention concerning short-term students and faculty exchange, and research collaboration after a detailed discussion. During the stay, the delegation also visited the campus and some laboratories such as the Marine Biological Breeding Base.

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