News and Events
News and Events
2019-12-27    CNU Delegation Visits SDUW
2019-12-27    SDUW Delegation Visits Universities in the Republic of Korea
2019-12-03    Launching Ceremony of SDU-ANU Joint Science College Held at SDUW
2019-11-01    UTAS Delegation visits SDUW
2019-09-06    Orientation Meeting was held at SDU-ANU Joint Science College, Shan...
2019-09-05    Australian Delegations Attended the 2019 Orientation at SDUW
2019-07-24    SDUW Delegation Visits ANU
2019-07-02    SDUW Holds the Launching Ceremony of 2019 Students’ Overseas Learn...
2019-06-27    ANU Delegation Visits SDUW
2019-06-08    Prof. Jon Keating, Fellow of British Royal Society Visits and Appoi...
2019-05-30    RSB Delegation Visits SDUW
2019-05-24    UNSW Canberra Delegation Visits SDUW
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