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Q: Where is Shandong University, Weihai (SDUW)?

A: Shandong University, Weihai is located in the northeast of China Weihai City , a well- known port and tourist city in China , one of the coastal open cities and the first national Environmental City in China as well as one of the first national Model Cities for Environmental Protection.

Q: What is SDUW 's mailing address?

A: Address of SDUW :

International Office, Shandong University,Weihai 180 Wenhua Xilu, Weihai, P. R. China
PostCode: 264209

Q: Where can I learn more about SDUW?
A: To learn more about the university, visit the website:


Q: How do I contact the Admissions Office with questions about my application?

A: Admission Office

Tel 86-631-5684288/8254

Fax: 86-631-5688878

Email studyweihai@163.com


For international exchange and cooperation

Tel: 86-631-5688829  ( English)

86-631-5688254 (Korean)

86-631-5688728  (Japanese)

Fax: 86-631-5688787

E-mail:  studyweihai@163.com/international.wh@sdu.edu.cn


Q: Holidays
A: International students enjoy the same school holidays as Chinese students. The university does not schedule recess for foreign holidays.
The academic calendar lists all school holidays. The website for SDUW supply detailed information on holiday schedules. Besides winter vocation and summer vocation,
primary Chinese holidays include:
Jan. 1 Yuan Dan (New Year) One day off

Qingming Festival (April) one day off
May 1 Labor's Day One day off

Dragon Boat Festival (June)one day off
Oct. 1 National Day Three days off

Q: Extracurricular Activities
A: SDUW offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as weekend concert, summer school program as well as many recreational sport facilities. Activities and cultural events will be announced through bulletin boards all over campus.
Each school and department also holds its own activities. Please pay special attention to the announcement of these activities, if you are interested.

Q: Student Organizations
A: There are various student associations, such as athletic teams, literary groups, symphony orchestra, youth volunteer association etc. These groups are allowed to recruit members at the beginning of each school year in September. The university encourages an active relationship between students and teachers.



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